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Western Digital HDD Warranty Claim / RMA Guide PH

Western Digital Service Center

Does your PC always prompt for a disk repair before starting proceeding to the desktop or hangs up every now and then? Then start backing up your files right now because these are few of the more obvious signs that your hard drive is about to go bad. And in this case, having a Western Digital HDD will come handy because we’ll teach you how to request a replacement for your faulty WD hard drive.

Before starting, we need to check some details if the hard drive is faulty by running Western Digital’s diagnostic tests and if the warranty is still active by entering the serial number/s to Western Digital’s warranty checker page through Western Digital’s diagnostic tool. For other WD products such as NAS, TV Docks, and etc., you can check your serial number by looking for the physical stickers attached to your device.

Download the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic software
Install and run it
Run the tests and screenshot the failure for proof
Check if the status is “In Limited Warranty”

If these two conditions are met, proceed to the step 1.

Step 1: Sign up and Register your WD Products

We’ll start by logging in (or signing up) to the WD support portal and registering the WD products you own.

Register your WD product that needs replacing

Step 2: Filing an RMA request

With the faulty WD hard drive registered, we can now file an RMA! Do note that you can file an RMA for other listed reasons. Fill up all the info needed and you’ll be given a PDF file to be printed and inserted with the HDD in an anti static bag (This is VERY important).

You can file an RMA for other reasons as well

Step 3: Sending your faulty HDD to the service center

Well, you have two options on how to get about this step: Go there personally or ship it to them.

The first option (which I did) is to personally go to their service center. The process of replacing the drive only took me around 15 minutes! Kudos to their team for that. Just make sure that you have the print label to avoid any complications with the process. Below is a google maps photo with my route outlined.

You can walk after getting off the MRT or Bus stop at Ayala.

The building is also accessible via Makati Ave. though I prefer this route for a peaceful walking environment :D.

Look for the BPI branch post which says Atrium

Proceed to the 3rd Floor,


The Western Digital Service Center

Shipping would be the last resort if the service center is inaccessible from your place. In this case, consider these shipping guidelines listed by Western Digital.

Packaging Instructions
Shipping Guide

More information about shipping the hard drive can be found here.

Step 4: Receive your WD product and Enjoy!

Note that the WD product that you will get is a refurbished model and will just bear the same warranty expiration date of the faulty product that you have turned in. Also, make sure you have a backup of all the files before turning in your old hard drive since they do not offer data recovery services.


With all the steps covered, we hope that you learned that a failing HDD doesn’t mean that you have to buy another one. Hard drives bear long warranties (from 2 to 5 years, depending on the model), since they are made to be reliable enough to hold all your data for a long time. There are just scenarios in which you shorten the lifespan of it because of several factors such as high temperatures, unintended forces and etc.



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