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LOOK: CD-R King offers Gyro Smartphone Stabilizer for Php 4,880


When having a clear stationary shoot for your videos is not enough anymore and you want some real action while recording your footage, well then a stabilizer is now your fancy. Gladly, CD-R King now offers a Smartphone Stabilizer and surprisingly for just Php 4,880

CD-R King Gyroscopic Digital Smartphone Stabilizer

CD-R King Gyroscopic Digital Smartphone Stabilizer - Inside the box
CD-R King Gyroscopic Digital Smartphone Stabilizer – Inside the box

Looking at the box we can see Wenpod and upon searching we found out that they are in the industry of Stabilizers, a link gazercam.com was also present but this is a dead link. This could be the name of the product series for their stabilizers.


Check this sample video using the stabilizer

There has been a lot Smartphone Stabilizers out in the market now but most of them cost a fortune but knowing CD-R King adds in this item category, it can provide a more budget-friendly-shape moving forward for these gadgets. Hopefully this item will not disappoint aspiring videographers and more version of this to come.

This item costs almost half of the generic gimbals/stabilizers in the market, do you think that this is worth a try?


RJ Ramirez
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