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5 Alternative Apps to Uber in the Philippines


4 days after the suspension of Uber, and you might not have resolved yet on how to commute or maybe search for an alternative transport service. Here are your best bets because life has to move on.

  1. Grab
    Grab LogoOf course the nemesis of Uber, and still operating legally. GrabNow! To accommodate more passengers and maybe prevent the frequent surging of prices, they are now accepting Uber drivers to apply at Grab so that the affected Uber drivers can still earn for their living through the same technology of transport service.
  2. U-Hop
    U-Hop LogoU-Hop is not the same with Grab and Uber, they are a membership-based transport service. Meaning you need to become a member before you can use their shuttle service and they believe that it is more helpful in our traffic woes to deploy shuttle vans instead of cars.
  3. Wunder Carpool
    Wunder Logo
    This is a ride-sharing app from its name, a Carpooling service that is a win-win situation for both passenger and driver. For one, it lets their drivers have the option to accept or skip a carpool request that makes it convenient for the driver as to when is his/her convenient time to offer a carpool service, then for passengers, you have the option of viewing the public facebook profile of the driver as well as the comments of other passengers he had in the past. Modern Carpool!:)
  4. AngkasAngkas Logo
    This one is different from the said 4-wheel cars like we used to. They offer a 2-wheel motorcycle ride booking transport service. Think of habal-habal in the stretch of EDSA? Create a mobile app for it and there we go. Basically,  you are booking for a motorcycle that will bring you to your desired destination.
  5. MiCab
    Micab LogoMiCab is a legitimate taxi hailing app based in Cebu, and now they are looking forward on taking the roads of Metro-Manila this year. But watch out, they might launch anytime soon for this is the best time to launch.

So there we have it, I hope you can recover soon with your commuting woes and let us still look forward for the progress in our Transport Network Vehicle Services. :)


RJ Ramirez
RJ Ramirez
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