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Skype launches a video call with real-time code editor feature


Let’s say you’re the technical interviewer and right there in your call you are validating his skills in programming but words are not into writing so maybe you’ll just base from the buzzwords that your interviewees utters or just right in the feels if he/she is guessing right on his/her answers. Skype Interviews is launched now on its beta phase.

Now Skype made a way to validate right on the spot your project-euler type of questions given. So you can just throw in a lot of fizzbuzz that you could ever think to squeeze the brain out of your applicants, maybe?

Or a friend needs help to a piece of code, you can just call right away and explain line by line if it needs to.

Skype Interviews Beta UI
Skype Interviews Beta UI

The code editor supports seven programming languages — C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, Python, and Ruby with a video chat window on top right corner of the app while the code editor is embedded at the whole screen. While the host(interviewer) can easily switch between programming languages available during the call.

Want to try it now? Head over to https://www.skype.com/en/interviews/ and start that rockstar interviews!


RJ Ramirez
RJ Ramirez
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