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Indigitous HACK Manila 2017 #Hack4Missions


Indigitous HACK Manila 2017 Event Cover

MANILA, Philippines – On its 2nd year, Indigitous Philippines is set for another global #Hack event, Indigitous HACK Manila on October 20-22, 2017 at Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ-Center for Evangelism and Discipleship, #40 Scout Borromeo St., Diliman, Quezon City. It will give an opportunity to over 100 IT professionals, enthusiasts, graphic designers, video creators, digital storyboard writers, marketing specialists, web and mobile UX/UI designers, and the like to collaborate using their technical skills such as web and software development, software programming, and creatives for an innovative and unique opportunity to get involved in the intersection of technology, faith and the common good.

It is one of its kind as it gathers people to work together on missional technology projects with long-term impact. Being a simultaneous global hackathon, it was conducted  last year in 27 different cities around the world: Addis Ababa, Auckland, Austin, Beijing, Blacksburg, Boise, Boston, Chengdu, Chennai, Chiang Mai, Chicago, Chisinau, Dallas, Danang, Guangzhou, Hawassa, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Lagos, Los Angeles, Madison, Milwaukee, Mysore, Nanjing, Netherlands, Orlando, Rio de Janeiro, Sacramento, San Salvador, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Ulaanbaatar, Vijayawada, Waterloo, and Manila with the biggest number of participants.

In the course of these three days that will start on the evening of October 20th, different technologists will come from all around Metro Manila, and even from other parts of the Philippines, composed of both students and professionals who will collaborate to solve this year’s local challenges. Here are some, to name a few:

  1. Translation WorkSpace App
  2. Spiritual Conversation Starter Videos for Family
  3. Global Filipino Movement Helpdesk App
  4. Photo Quote Mobile App
  5. Mobile Discipleship App
  6. Talk to Some Juan
  7. Halt HIV
  8. Short film Convo Starter

There will be judges coming over to select the best implementations, plans, pitching, and technicality. They will be looking for the most innovative and helpful solutions to these mentioned set of challenges! Three teams will be named as the Best Technology, Biggest Impact, and Most Creative. And also, watch out for special awards for all individual hackers and/or as a team! Not to mention, Indigitous HACK Manila 2017 partners and sponsors might be willing to support and fund projects that will be pitched there, even if the said team won’t be winning any award, just because there could be a lot of surprises that can happen in this global hackathon!

Indigitous HACK 2017 Manila

This hackathon would not be possible without the support of our Champion organizations:
New Tribes Missions, Family Life Philippines, Global Filipino Movement, Mental Health Philippines, Indigitous Philippines, Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ, and the Seafarers For Christ. Together with the help of our generous sponsors: Indigitous Global, IM Pena, CRU and YesHeIs. Hack 2017 would also like to express our gratitude to our Contributing partners: YouVersion, Diligence Cafe, Youth for Information Technology, WTF “Wear That Faith” Caps and The Office Project.  Thanks also to DevCon Philippines, Boiling Waters and Dynamic Objx for endorsing us to reach the community and of course, our Media partners: Light TV Network, SAVED Radio and Geekstamatic.com.

Thank you for investing your time and resources to help recognize and appreciate our hackers and provide cutting-edge technology for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

We look forward in hacking with you as we seek to make a difference in this country, and into the world, together.

Register now! We only have limited slots available. For further details, visit Indigitous HACK 2017 Website at https://hack.indigitous.ph or contact via E-Mail at indigitousph@gmail.com


What is Indigitous

A movement passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital strategies. It is a global community engaging with ideas and each other to advance God’s Kingdom through innovation. It is a non-profit organization that connects people to a common mission, strategies that are effective and projects that are on the cutting edge of missional innovation. It started in the US in 2014, has a chapter in Manila, and 91 other countries to date. 272 projects are being run and it has roughly 4204 members around the world. It seeks to offer multiple online opportunities to follow Jesus and become a multiplying disciple; lead through planting groups, ministries, churches, or networks of Christians where none currently exist; help disciples and teams to find, use, create and share digital media, tools, and strategies in effective ways, and collaborate with others across God’s global kingdom.

Indigitous Philippines

Indigitous Philippines regularly conducts MissionsXTech Meetups which are missional gatherings of Christian artists, developers, designers, film-makers, programmers & disciple-makers who are exploring innovations for missions & discipleship; Indigitous HACK is an innovative and unique opportunity to get involved in the intersection of technology, faith, and the common good.


Our name comes from the fusion of two ideas important to us. Indigenous because it reflects our desire for locally-generated strategies that work in each generation, language and culture. Digital because we believe digital tools, resources, platforms, and strategies can accelerate God’s mission.


Website: https://indigitous.org
Social Kit: http://bit.ly/IndigitousHACKMNL2017SocialKit
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/indigitousph
Facebook Event Page: Indigitous HACK Manila 2017


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