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Samsung unveils new Galaxy Tabs, partners with Netflix


Samsung is always keen on entertainment, and that mobility at its mind, tablets are our go-to device for work and entertainment. Today, Samsung gave us the experience of Netflix-on-a-couch featuring its newest shows available. I got to experience two of these tablets: Galaxy Tab A 10.1, and Galaxy Tab A with S Pen. Both of the tabs are within my grip but the latter is more suitable for me.

Netflix has a lot of new shows to watch out for, most especially this month of June 2019. Nowadays if it’s trending, it’s on Netflix. Moreover, it has a lot of categories from hit comedies to strangest shows that will surely make a big wave this month. Watching our favorite shows on Netflix will be more exciting with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Most of the tablets are already available at any Samsung-authorized stores, and the one that is scheduled to be released in July is below:

Samsung Galaxy A 8(2019)

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RJ Ramirez
RJ Ramirez
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