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Globe in 2023: A year of adopting circular practices


As 2023 draws to a close, Globe reflects on a transformative year marked by groundbreaking efforts in circularity. Globe demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship by making circular practices central to its approach, underpinned by responsible consumption and production. By emphasizing waste and pollution elimination, it aims to not only enhance resource efficiency, but also reduce operational carbon emissions.

“Globe takes pride in integrating circularity as part of our sustainable business practices. We are glad to have set new benchmarks in promoting environmental stewardship with our circular initiatives. As we move forward, we are committed to pioneering innovative solutions to nurture a healthier planet,” said Yoly Crisanto, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer of the Globe Group.

Embedding circular innovation in the customer experience

Globe’s 2023 circularity journey saw the introduction of recyclable and upcyclable packaging for its Globe At Home GFiber Prepaid offer, setting the stage for transitioning the packaging of other products to more sustainable options.

The company also launched the new Gen 4 store at Glorietta 3, featuring 100% LED lighting, digital brand advertising screens replacing traditional tarpaulins and flyers, and digital infocards via tablet displays, eliminating the need for paper.

E-Waste management: Refocusing on the value chain

A significant aspect of Globe’s sustainability efforts is the emphasis on proper e-waste management as its products and services rely on electronic devices and telecommunications equipment. Globe also distributes mobile phones, tablets, broadband devices and all of its peripherals to customers which contribute to value chain carbon emissions.

With this, the E-Waste Zero Program refocused to address the disposal of mobile and broadband devices. Globe is one of 12 leading mobile operators worldwide to adopt GSMA’s new device circularity targets aimed at extending the lifespan of devices and promoting circularity.

Strategic partnerships and community engagement

Throughout the year, Globe actively supported plastic recycling initiatives through partnerships with recyclers and entities like Integrated Waste Management, Inc. (IWM) to ensure proper waste segregation, collection, and post-processing. Other notable actions included recycling marketing materials to avoid disposal to landfills and piloting the upcycling of plastic spools from cable line installations. Additionally, Globe and IWM joined hands to promote awareness and action towards circularity at the G Music Fest.

Empowering employees for sustainable change

Globe recognized that its commitment to sustainability begins internally. This is exemplified by an internal Take Back Program launched this year, encouraging employees to return their end-of-term service unit laptops for remarketing or recycling. E-business cards were also introduced, minimizing paper use and embracing digital alternatives.

Moreover, the ‘Wag sa Single-use Plastic (WASSUP) program continues to resonate with the workforce. This initiative encourages concessionaires to minimize the use of single-use plastics and incentivizes employees to use reusable containers in the cafeteria. Aside from plastic waste, standardizing cashless transactions using GCash is promoted in the cafeteria to reduce paper waste.

Supporting the country’s move towards a circular economy

Globe supports relevant legislations on waste management and circularity like the Philippines’ Extended Producer Responsibility Act of 2022 which mandates large companies to recover a percentage of the plastic they release into the market. This advocacy highlighted Globe’s leadership role in promoting ecological responsibility, as it actively supports policies that are key to achieving long-term sustainability.

Looking forward: A continued commitment

The transition to a completely circular economy is a monumental task that necessitates collective effort. Globe, however, remains optimistic and determined, moving forward with the support and collaboration of its employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders, all playing vital roles in this undertaking.

To learn more about Globe, visit globe.com.ph.


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