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Reality+ presents the Virtual Reality challenge



Ever wondered how it would feel like if you’re stuck in a room all alone, with nothing but obstacles that lead to your exit?

Whilst some may imply horror games or arcades to provide an eerie-similar experience, Virtual Reality is another option on which we might see the future of gaming.

Unlike common AAA PC/Console horror games, Virtual Reality submerges you into a complete different world, a trait where modern games fail to imitate.

Here in the Philippines, Virtual Reality is already making a mark as the rise of VR Philippines as well as several communities revolving around the development of VR. As for the entertainment side, Reality+ is here to answer.


SM Cyberzone in powered by Reality+ and sponsored by MSI proudly brings you ‘The Virtual Reality Challenge’. Throughout the span of 3 months, the arcade game will be touring in several major SM Malls, where everyone will get a chance to try out the Virtual Reality Challenge.

The game’s mechanics is simple, users simply mount their feet on the HTC Vive’s controllers and they try to go the next level simply by jumping and dodging through obstacles, whilst preventing themselves from falling.


While it may look simple, the game is very challenging and gets most users a scare of a lifetime.

Want to try it out? Catch Reality+ on their upcoming dates. More events will come near you soon!


Pete Deyto
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