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The Perks of Getting Pre-built Gaming Desktops


Desktop computers are indispensable tools for all kinds of people. They allow users to power through anything at optimal performance. Let it be work, study, content creation, or even hardcore gameplay. They are definitely essential to anyone who is serious about getting things done in a smoother fashion. For those looking to transition to a desktop setup from their usual laptop-powered lifestyle, an easy way to dive into this is with pre-built desktops.

ROG pre-built desktops have always been reliable and convenient companions to any environment that requires high productivity – whether it’s setting up an esports LAN café, a comfortable workspace for serious graphics and architecture work, or just a workhorse for gaming pleasure. 

There are several reasons to choose a pre-built desktop over other options. Have a look at some of them:

Level up your Aesthetics

ROG Huracan G21 – uncover gaming supremacy

Pre-built desktops come with some of the best cases and cooling options without having to fiddle and go component shopping. These designs and features are exclusively available from pre-built packages and manufacturers. Models such as the ROG Huracan G21 also has unique features such as a hot-swappable SSD tray for quick upgrades and ASUS Aura Sync, which makes it fit any mood the user is in. In addition to this, the ROG Huracan G21 is plug and play, making it easy to setup in any space.

OC to the Extreme – without any worries!

ROG Strix GL10 – always game
ROG Strix GL10 – always game

ROG desktops, like the ROG Strix GL12 and the ROG Strix GL10, are designed for extreme gaming. As a result, they carry high-performance components that are factory overclocked. This means gamers can churn out more performance as needed, with pre-installed software for custom tuning. These have been tested by ROG’s world-class R&D Team, giving an assurance that users are getting the best performance whenever – and it’s all covered under the warranty!

Arm Yourself with Optimized Gear

ROG Strix GL12 – rebirth of a gaming beast
ROG Strix GL12 – rebirth of a gaming beast

Whether it’s the motherboard, the GPU, or even any kind of RAM your setup needs – research, ordering parts, and setting it all up can be time-consuming. ROG pre-built desktops saves time from all of the process. Especially with top-of-the-line components that are already situated inside the stylistic ROG chassis.

Focus on your Game, not on your Frames!

Focus on your Game, not on your Frames!
Focus on your Game, not on your Frames!

Simply unbox a new ROG desktop, plug it in and enjoy! This is the convenience of pre-built desktops. Not only will there be guaranteed quality of components, software and hardware testing, but the existence of a reliable after-sales service is also something to be excited about.

With several options for builds and specs, as well as several different rigs to choose from, the Republic of Gamers has always been the leader when it comes to pre-built desktops. Work and play all day whether you choose any variant of the ROG Strix GL12 for power and versatility, or when you pick the ROG Huracan G21 for a more compact and sleek looking desktop setup, or even get the ROG Strix GL10 for everyday work and gaming performance – anyone can be sure that they are getting a unique experience and reliable service for many years to come.

Interested in getting started with your own ROG desktop? Click this link and experience them for yourself: https://bit.ly/2GjSaNT. For more information on the ROG products as well as up and coming news, head on over to the ROG Philippines page.


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