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Z.com WordPress Hosting in 2021


Planning on launching your website? This is your sign! WordPress as a general purpose website, a content management system perfect for your website ideas!

Z.com Philippines offers various business hosting services needs, one of which is WordPress Hosting in a convenient way you can get your website up and running in no time!

Let’s get started!


Simply head over to https://bit.ly/3t29iyn

Click “Find Out More”

Z.Com Buy Now

Click “Buy Now”

Z.Com WordPress Cart

In here you can get your FREE DOMAIN. Type in your desired TLD (Top Level Domain) for example: “myblog.com” or any other domain name of your choosing, subject for availability.


You should be redirected to your dashboard upon logging in.

Add Server - Choose

Click on the PLUS sign and choose Region. By default it is in Tokyo. Then choose WordPress as a type of Server that you want to add.

Z.Com WordPress Server Creating Instance

On the server list, there will be an entry that says it is “Creating”. It should only take you a few minutes. In my test it took me measly 3 minutes for this new instance.

Adding a WordPress Server/Instance, you may opt for the following:

Z.com WordPress Do Not Migrate Option
A. DO NOT Migrate

This wil create a new instance of WordPress Server and WordPress Website. Supply the following information, this will be the Administrator account for your site. While for the tags, it is used for easily identifying your instances if you’ll be creating multiple sites in the future. I suggest that you name it after your domain name.

B. Migrate
Wordpress z.com Add WordPress Server New or Migrate Existing

This option is for those who have WordPress website hosted on another server. After adding the necessary information such as the admin url, username and password it will install Z.com Easy WP Migrator to your existing wordpress site and will do the migration that will copy and setup WordPress files and database to the new instance it is creating at your dashboard. This could take a few hours depending on the size of your WordPress instance from another server.

After successfully creating a new instance or migrating an existing WordPress instance you should see in your WordPress Server List that it is in “Running” status.


Click on the nametag of the WordPress Server instance that you have just created.

Z.com WordPress Site Info

There we have it! A WordPress Website up and running! :) Happy exploring!


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