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PouchNATION Event Pain Points
PouchNATION Event Pain Points

PouchNATION exists to solve event organizer pain points as well as help brands capture and activate an offline audience with its innovative NFC solution. Since the company’s 2015 brand and product revamp, PouchNATION has been at the forefront of the event industry in Southeast Asia. Using NFC technology partnered with in-house developed software, PouchNATION addresses event organizer woes while providing a secure and hassle free experience for attendees of all event styles.

Brand Activation - PouchNATION Philippines
Brand Activation – PouchNATION Philippines

As the company continues to explore and develop new ways to enhance guest experiences, the new Brand Activations feature stands out from the rest. Brands or sponsors encounter several pain points, including identifying events with the correct target market, engaging guests, measuring their impact, and creating a lasting relationship of their own when participating in these marketing mediums. PouchNATION identified that a solution to these pains should include improved brand exposure, touch points, data collection, and most importantly, consumer insights. Not only has the company been able to incorporate all of this but they have also gone one step further. PouchNATION’s offline to online customer acquisition tool allows for brands to onboard event guests as real customers post event. This feature allows a brand to identify their target market, engage them, create a relationship, and measure their marketing efforts all at the same time.

In the past 12 months PouchNATION generated over 1 million transaction records, handled over SG $10 Million worth in transaction value and collection of 30 million data points lead to a seven-digit investment from Singapore investors and Malaysian VC fund Cradle Seed Ventures.

This year the company has ambitious plans for expansion into new markets. Thailand being one of the region’s most popular locations for big events not only makes it the logical choice but also has the potential to be the most promising market the company has pursued so far.

The company started the first quarter of 2017 with 5 events in Thailand after opening its office on February 1“. Vietnam is PouchNATION’s most recent new office, which opened on June 1st with 3 events already executed.

For more information on PouchNATION, please visit pouchnation.com. For inquiries, contact


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