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ZenFone Max Pro M1: Designed to Powerfully Last


It is no wonder that when you’re a geek, you need a smartphone that will be able to accompany you in your geektivities. So here at Geekstamatic, we reviewed one that we think really fits you. Because you deserve it.

For this week, as one of your Geekstamatic geek, I used it as I move through my day-to-day activities.

Here’s what we have to say:



With its Snapdragon 636 processor running at octa-core 1.8 GHz, you can’t really feel any lag at all when multi-tasking (whooping 8 CPU, the higher GHz the better). Apps open really fast and the phone is just so snappy.

Zenfone Max Pro M1 has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory so it really has plenty of memory for applications to use.



ZenFone Max has an immersive 6-inch, Full HD 2160×1080 display, an 18:9 aspect ratio, and 450 nits brightness.

Playing a 1080p video

The screen is really bright. Compared to with that I’m using now it really stands out. It’s really nice to watch TV shows on it or read e-book novels. Asus really nailed it for the display on this device.



ZenFone Max Pro M1 uses Adreno 509 for its GPU. Partnered with the 6”- inch display, it really sets it apart from the other phone in the market.

I played PUBG: Players’ Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile on it and the gameplay is really smooth on medium settings. You can really see the details and the shadow really renders fine.

PUBG Mobile on Medium settings



It features a class leading rear camera with a resolution of 13MP, supplemented by a 5MP depth-sensing camera for more accurate bokeh effect. For selfie lovers, it also features a front-facing 8MP camera.

As you case see the camera is really great! The interface is really user-friendly. My only problem with it is that low-light pictures are really not that great. But with the price and all, it’s really acceptable.

Bokeh effect in action
Low-light photo



Surprisingly, the audio for this device is really great. I plugged in my KZ ZS5 IEM on it and it sounded well. Thanks to NXP Smart Amplifier technology, even using the included earphones sounds great. You can really hear the bass and the clarity of the audio is outstanding!



Included with the phone are a matte phone case, earphones, and charger (of course). It’s really nice of Asus to include a case. Usually, you’ll buy this separately but with Asus ZenFone Max Pro you don’t have to.


Fingerprint Scanner

One of the things I really like from this device is the added Fingerprint scanner. It unlocks fast and it really makes my life easier + adding more security to my device.



And finally! Down to the thing I love the most about this phone. The battery is really superb. The 5000-mAh battery lasted me for a whole day of heavy usage, even when the data is on.



We at Geekstamatic really love the new Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1!

If you are a user who loves to watch movies/shows in your phone, really active on social media, have a hobby of going to new places and taking pictures, or just any activity that requires you to always have your phone, ZenFone Max Pro M1 is really for you.

Everything about this phone is really awesome and we really think that Asus really designed this smartphone with the users in mind.


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