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IG-Worthy Photos in 11 Regions Without Leaving Manila: Feeding Your Craving for Adventure and Aesthetic


Have you ever dreamed of having super powers so you could travel through time and space? If yes, then Lakbay Museo is for you–it is your teleportation device and time machine all at once! This museum allows you to travel, experience, and take IG-worthy photos from all over around the Philippines without having to leave Manila!

As the adventure-seeking, social-media-resident millennial that you are, you wouldn’t have to worry about choosing between adventure and aesthetic. Lakbay Museo offers the best of both worlds in its 14 unique experiences of 11 different destinations. You read it right! You get to travel to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and strike a pose in the country’s best destinations in just a day!

No filters needed as you try to pay homage and learn about the Philippine culture through its clothing and textile. Let’s go back in time and see how Maria Clara’s Instagram feed would’ve looked during the Spanish colonization, or how McArthur would’ve updated his IG stories once he returned. Snap those photos and capture the essence of learning history the millennial way!

#TravelPH is the right hashtag for you once you upload your pictures from different Philippine tourist destinations! No worries if you’re broke–you don’t need to book a plane ticket to the north or the south. You can now see the divine beauty of Banaue Rice Terraces, Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, Bicol’s Mayon Volcano, and many others in just one go. No need to go abroad when there are wonders Philippines has to offer. Who knew travelling would be so easy in this modern day?

Experiencing the past thru Philippine fabric will surely make it to your story highlights. Region per region, weaving fabric has been a part of different cultural groups’ livelihood and identity. Get inspired bytheir different textile patterns and how these groups incorporated available resources to their culture and aesthetic. This part of the museum allows you to appreciate and honor creativity from different generations!

For the #Foodies out there, Lakbay Museo also offers to satisfy your feed thru different Filipino cuisines! Have a taste of the classic Filipino vinegar, a feast of the Philippine dried fish, a sniff and sip of various Philippine coffees, and the unique sensation of bagoong. Don’t forget to take reaction videos or take flat-lay-styled photos so your followers can double-tap on these mouth-watering delicacies.

Lakbay Museo truly is a collage of experiences. From the sight of different attractions, the feel of the fabrics, to the taste of the food, this museum depicts a picture of national history, culture, and arts. This museum allows you to rewind to the past, “superzoom” into historical details, and understand more of your country to add into your bio.

As millenials, however, remember to not just #DoItForTheGram, but also do it to learn about our roots and appreciate the richness and diversity of the people, the ways of life, and the identities present in the Philippines. Lakbay Museo truly is adventure and aesthetic made easy. Call your family and friends and book your next adventure at Lakbay Museo. Check our website www.lakbaymuseo.ph


RJ Ramirez
RJ Ramirez
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