Rakk Casap Elite Black Review: Bang for the buck gaming chair!

Rakk Casap Elite Gaming Chair Black review


There are a lot of gaming chairs outside. Either you get cheap price and low quality or high price and high quality. But this monster is the perfect price-quality ratio for your dream gaming chair.

rakk casap elite head rest
Head Rest

Rakk Gear’s latest Gaming Chair

Today I’m excited to announce that this is the time to buy your Gaming Chair. Yes, look at that sweet design. Aesthetically cool and cheaper than your friend’s gaming chair.

and this chair only cost whooping 6,995 pesos! You heard that right.

Compared to the other “premium” and “branded” gaming chair, this is the cheapest and coolest gaming chair out there right now.

Rakk Gears are well known to be the cheapest but have the most excellent quality gaming peripheral provider in the country right now. EasyPC is one of the largest PC retailers in the country provides free cash-on-delivery service right in front of your door.

Before we proceed to my first experience in this gaming chair, let’s look at this construction first.

The base of Rakk Casap Elite is using starbase and made from thick aluminum.

5 star base feet
Star Base feet


Control unit of this chair is made out of steel.

Steel Control Unit
Steel Control Unit


3 adjustable armrest positions.

right armrest
Right point Armrest
Straight point Armrest
Straight point Armrest
Left point Armrest
Left point Armrest


Adjustable armrest height.


The backrest is an adjustable 170-degree lock.

170 degrees adjustable backrest
170 degrees adjustable backrest



Well, assembling this gaming chair is easy. But I highly suggest that get a help from a friend to assemble this. Cuz this chair is darn heavy.


Setup complete, Game on! A perfect time to pair it with a gaming laptop like ROG Zephyrus GX501 — Ultra-slim Gaming Notebook.


Price quality aesthetic ratio? The ideal for your Gaming adventure!

So far using this for hours really do help me. I no longer experience wrist and back stress. I enjoyed sitting on it for hours for editing my Youtube Vlogs. 

This might be the gaming chair you want to sit on without breaking much of your bank.


  • +Cheap price (6,995)
  • +Thick aluminum star base
  • +Black scheme color
  • +Ergonomic backrest design
  • +170 limitless angle adjusters
  • +Good Investment for your back health


  • -No lumbar support
  • -Does not increase your gaming skills
  • -Only black color available for this model

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