It’s hard to imagine that 2016 is almost at an end, and if you’re looking for a tech deals but have a pretty limited budget, Here’s a list of some tech deals that you can buy under P1,000.


Atmos fit: Fitness Smart Band – ₱850

If you’re looking for a fitness smart band but you are on a tight budget, Atmos Fit Smart Band is right for you. It is the most affordable touchscreen and iP67 water-resistant fitness band you can buy today, not to mention it can also doubles as a smartwatch. It is compatible with devices with at least Bluetooth 3.0 + running Android 4.0 or above, iOS 8 and up.

T6 Laptop Table – ₱698

Using your laptop when you’re in bed gives you hunchback. Well, T6 Laptop Table might help you with that. It functions as a laptop table and a cooling pad. It is made by aluminum alloy and has a silent built-in fans to cool your laptop. What’s really good about this is you can adjust it depending on your body position. Goodbye hunchbacks!

Google Chromecast 1 – ₱949

Want to turn your dumb TV into a smart TV? Well, under ₱1,000 you can actually do that. Stream content straight to your TV without requiring lots of setup and messy cables. You can also make it as a stand-alone media player.


Champ Wired Gaming Pad – ₱499

Playing FPS games, racing games and other games are just more fun with real analog sticks, triggers and buttons because it gives us a better gaming experience than just a virtual controllers. Champ Wired Gaming Pad can give you that Premium gaming pad experience without actually breaking the bank. It has a dual vibration and turbo gaming functions. It is compatible with Android 4.1 and up, OTG-capable devices, uses Micro-USB. Also for PC, PS3, and XBOX Games for PC. FREE PHONE HOLDER is also included.

Asus Zen Power 10050mAh – ₱795

Need more juice for your smartphone? Asus Zen Power is one of the best powerbank you can buy under ₱1,000. With ₱795, you get a huge 10,050 mAh, a small form factor, premium design and build quality, fast charging feature, and a smart monitor.


AULA F2012 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – ₱959

Looking for a budget mechanical keyboard? You might love to check out for AULA F2012. It is cheap but a great mechanical keyboard option.  If you have a little more to spend, you can also check F2012 Multicolor Backlit Gaming Keyboard, priced at ₱1,059.


Apricot OTG for Apple 16GB – ₱999

If you need more storage for your photos on your iPhone or iPad, here’s an Apricot OTG. Buying a new iPhone/iPad with higher storage can cost you a lot, so it’s not a good choice if you’re tight on budget. The good thing about Apricot OTG is, it is a plug-and-play after you install the free app iUSB from App Store. You can also listen to music and watch movies from the app.


Logitech X50 Bluetooth Speaker – ₱990

Want a wireless speaker that’s tiny but mighty? Logitech X50 gives you exactly that. It delivers an impressive sound quality despite of its tiny form factor. It also claims to have a 5 hours of playtime. Its original price is ₱1,350 but you can get it now for ₱990.


Elliot Audio Active Bluetooth Earphones – ₱850

Looking for cheaper alternative to Apple Airpods? You might consider Elliot Audio Active as an option. Looking for a wireless earphones under ₱1,000 when considering sound quality is pretty hard, but Audio Active performs very well. It has a decent bass and clear vocals.


Audley Power Jam Headphones – ₱499

If you prefer headphones, Audley Power Jam Headphones will wow you with its bang for the buck. It is large but lightweight and proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money  to get decent quality sound flowing into your ears if you are really on a budget.



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